11 Makeup Brands With the Most Concealer Shades

11 Makeup Brands With the Most Concealer Shades

There are many trends to get excited about from yellow eyeshadow to holographic lip gloss to negative space eyeliner. But one movement that can’t be ignored is beauty’s recent surge in inclusivity, particularly in terms of makeup shades. In the wake of Fenty Beauty’s beauty-for-all launch, many brands that didn’t have large shade ranges revamped their foundations to offer 40 or more colors. Getting a seamless foundation match is one of the first steps in ensuring a #flawless makeup look, but having the right concealer shade is also essential.

Don’t ruin all that time and effort you spent sourcing an imperceptible foundation by using the wrong concealer shade. The wrong foundation shade may look like a mask, but the wrong concealer shade can result in a cringe-worthy effect with too light or dark concealer actually drawing more attention to dark circles, pimples and other things we were trying to cover.

There are concealer palettes that enable users to mix their own bespoke shade, but that doesn’t always guarantee a seamless match, especially when we’re rushing to apply it in a dark bathroom in the morning. The more realistic option is to reach for a premade product. Above, see the makeup brands offering extensive concealer ranges that cater to different skin tones.

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